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Aware Golf and Aware Coins walk side by side. After years of working in the golf industry and seeing hundreds of golfers and hearing their post-round comments, It became apparent, NO ONE was happy with their golf game. The game is difficult and we make it even harder with the unrealistic expectations that we have for our own game. It was at that moment that our owner, PGA Professional Ian Wenzel, began to dedicate his time to truly understand how we learn and the relationship the game has with the mind and body.

Watching many players be able to make a practice swing flawlessly, then not be able to recreate that swing one second later with the ball in front of them, shows how fast the focus can be lost. We care about what the result is going to be, how we look, and who saw these kinks in our armor. Well just as fast as the focus can be lost, it can be regained. After years of hearing:

I wish I could put you in my golf bag..

If only you could be there during my rounds..

I wish I could take my range game to the course!

AWARE COINS were made.

These coins are made to help you become AWARE in all areas of your life. Even during your toughest moments, there are opportunities to win that will never be seen because of the fog of frustration that many focus on and are used to. These small coins have incredible power to help you become AWARE and motivate you when you need it most.

from 10.00

These hand-stamped coins are made to order and are one of a kind. We have over 30 imprinting designs and 8 color options to choose from.

Material: Pewter

Gauge: 18 Gauge

Diameter: 1.25”in

Ships in 1-3 Business days

*18G & 16G coins are 1 side stamped due to thickness.

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