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Erin Colleen Geraghty is a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Therapist, Author, Podcaster, and owner of Thrive Yoga & Fitness studio in Bradenton Florida. Erin specializes in joint realignment and developed the musculoskeletal balancing technique, Tension Pattern Release which helps athletes release tight and tense myofascial patterns, reactivate and recruit under-active muscle groups, and relieve chronic and acute pain patterns. 


Erin also regularly leads retreats, yoga teacher trainings, and educational workshops on how to live life skillfully and with passion. 

You can find links to her yoga studio here:

Her coaching company here:

Her meditations with over 60,000 downloads here:

Her podcast here: 

Thriving After Addiction on iTunes

And a link to purchase her book here:


You can reach out to here for inquiries on any of her services: 

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