Game Assessment

In your game assessment we will go through a variety of different areas to guarantee we identify and understand what is truly the items that we need to focus on.

Please know this assessment is not here to confuse you! Every person learns and discovers totally differently, this is why it’s very important that we see the whole picture. This will show us everything we need to know to help you play your best as fast as possible.

We will collect data from the following 4 items to customize your lesson plan and practice schedule

Flight Scope

stella flight scope.JPG

Flight Scope is a Launch Monitor that captures how you deliver the club head to the ball and it’s flight characteristics. Here we will hit shots with your Driver, 7 iron, and wedge.

Rotation Evaluation

Gravity Fit1.JPG

We will evaluate

T-Spine Rotation,

Shoulder Rotation, Pelvic Rotation, & Neck Rotation. This will tell us why you could be having problems with making certain movements and to also ensure we are not working towards any changes that are too much for your body to handle.


tj bodi trak.JPG

BodiTrak is a pressure mat that will show how you use or don’t use your body during the golf swing. Here we will also hit shots with your Driver, 7 iron, and wedge.

Aware Questionare

Upon completion it will be emailed to me and also filed so we can look at your progress later. In some cases you are more than welcome to check multiple boxes. Your answers are confidential.

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill this out!! It will be a big help to the both of us. I look forward to going over this with you soon!

Name *
What sports do you currently play or previously play?
How many times a week do you practice?
How often do you play?
What areas are your strengths?
Score area would you be happy with?
Score area would you be unhappy with?
What areas would you say are holding you back or you know that need improvement?
Check all that apply
Using the previous question, How well of an understanding do you have of the items you are trying to perform?
Would you like to practice more
Do you track performance on the range?
How content are you with the golf game as a whole?
10 happiest I have ever been - 1 Ready to quit
What does your ball mostly do?
What kind of shot shape would you prefer or like to work towards?
If you could change the flight of a typical shot, how would you like to change it?
When playing do you have a focus of what is most important for you to have a successful shot?
After playing do you evaluate each round?
When practicing I choose different targets with the same club
I have the same preshot routine on each shot
On the course my practice swing feels really good
I hate playing bad in front of the people I play with
What technology are you interested in learning more about?
What is your club head speed with your driver? Take a guess if your not sure
What is your club head speed with your PW ? Take a guess if your not sure
With a short wedge shot and you are trying to hit it close to the pin, what are your usual results?
Ian all certified.JPG